Aloe Vera Mattress Provides Comfort, Firmness And Reliability

Not sure whether you need aloe vera in your mattress? Once you try the right aloe vera mattress you’ll see what all the fuss is about. My favorite model is a comfortable, plush sleeping surface no matter how you look at it. And when you add in the fact that it contains therapeutic aloe vera, it just makes it that much better.

When aloe vera is added on top of a well-constructed mattress, you get daily freshness that you just don’t get from other mattresses. Plus, aloe vera is one of several substances that has proven again and again to promote calmness. When you choose a mattress that’s comfortable anyway, you get the best possible sleeping experience when the maker adds in some aloe vera to the outer covering.

In addition, aloe vera is good for the skin and is very near normal skin pH, so you don’t get any irritation from the mattress and actually get a soothing effect. What could be better than that?

My Aloe Vera Mattress Review

Once you sleep on aloe vera and memory foam, you'll never sleep on springs again.
Once you sleep on aloe vera and memory foam, you’ll never sleep on springs again.

I’m very pleased with my 8″ Icon Sleep Aloe Vera Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress — available from Amazon. While the memory foam is great, the aloe vera makes it better for me. You may not think that the addition of extracts from this succulent plant would do any good since you put a bottom sheet over the mattress anyway, but it really does. I’m sleeping calmer and with less disruption than ever before.

You may not know that the primary purpose of a memory foam mattress is to relieve pressure points. Since the foam compresses and doesn’t bounce back immediately as regular foam does, you don’t feel pain where your body presses onto the surface. When you sleep on memory foam, your neck, back and shoulders align as they should and you don’t wake up with a stiff back or sore neck as often.

In fact, I’ve had less pain since I switched to the Icon aloe vera mattress than at any other time in my life.

One of the problems with many memory foam products is that the foam itself can be very hot against the skin. That’s where the unique aloe vera jacquard outer covering comes in. It’s comfortable and cool, adding to the feel of a quality product. And quilted to this aloe vera cover is a thin layer of gel memory foam that provides the first line of pressure relief.

Below all of that is several inches of high-density memory foam that supports you and allows for adequate air flow. And below that is another kind of foam. It’s a high-density foam product that makes sure the memory foam hold you up and the mattress perfectly holds it shape. Without a support layer, the memory foam would lose its shape, as some of the memory foam toppers and pillows I’ve tried through the years have.

Because there are three different kinds of foam and the aloe vera material, this bed can accurately claim that it’s softer and nicer than any other memory foam mattress. If you like a soft mattress but need some support too, this is the perfect choice for you.

I didn’t notice any smell as I have with some memory foam products, and I was able to get this set up in a matter of minutes. It comes compressed, which was concerning, but it snapped into shape in a matter of minutes — about 20 minutes, I think.

Some Final Thoughts

If you’ve been reading aloe vera bedding reviews and aren’t quite sure what you think about the idea of including aloe vera in bedding, let me tell you this: I’ve found that aloe vera improves the comfort and feel of a mattress when it’s added. But as long as you choose a well-made bed that gets good reviews for comfort, you’ll be satisfied.

An aloe vera mattress is making my life better ever day. That’s because the aloe vera increases my comfort and perhaps my calmness too. But I can’t overlook the fact that this is a comfortable, affordable and sensible mattress any way you look at it. When you get a good mattress, your life is good too.

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