Best Aloe Vera Gel Helps With Skin, Hair, Nails And More

The best aloe vera gel is one you can use for a variety of purposes. While I use my favorite gel for improving my hair, skin and nails, it makes sense to buy one that’s safe enough to include in your morning smoothies too.

Since childhood, I have struggled immensely with coarse hair, flaky skin and rough nails, but of course, as a child I had never thought it was too big of an issue. However, as I progressed into adulthood, and the problem began to worsen, I realized that I had to take a stand and resolve to find something that could hydrate my now harsh-to-the-touch skin and hair that lacked luster and felt bristly even after I had towel dried it.

It seemed to me as though my dilemma would never be solved, and that I would simply have to put up with the terrible dryness. After all, I had already tried all the remedies recommended to me by friends and family. I had tried using many creams and various serums, all to no avail — no result whatsoever. In fact, it seemed to make it worse! All seemed lost at this point, and I began to attempt accepting my hair and skin, knowing (or so I thought) that I could not find a solution.

I had long since given up trying to repair or hydrate my skin. I left it alone and tried to ignore it, until one day, a friend linked me to an Amazon page, telling me that she had found a possible cure for me, since it had worked fantastically on herself. Certainly, I was rather skeptical, but I decided I was still open to suggestions, and so opened up the link and found myself looking at a brown glass bottle that read Lily Of The Desert Aloe Vera Gel — available from Amazon. Could the best aloe vera gel help?

Now, I didn’t know very much about aloe vera in itself. I was aware that it was a succulent plant but nothing much more than that. And here it was, claiming to solve all of my issues in a single bottle. It all seemed a little too good to be true, but the price was reasonable for what it alleged it could do for me, so I promptly purchased the item and waited impatiently for the arrival.

Only a few days later it arrived and I was quite enthusiastic to open the box up and try out this proclaimed miracle of a gel on myself. The first thing I did when I opened the bottle was taking a sniff of the gel, and I was pleasantly surprised in that it was not offensive whatsoever. It was a very delicate and light scent that I quite enjoyed. Reviews on the Internet had suggested that I do not use it raw on skin or hair, and that I should rather mix it into my regular creams and shampoo for the very best results. I did so, tipping a small amount into each of my products and then applying them liberally all over my body and hair.

The next day, after the cream had a chance to sink in and my shampoo had been rinsed and dried off, I noticed a dramatic and astonishing difference. Each lock of my hair felt silky smooth to the touch — so very soft and silky. And my skins had made a complete transformation overnight too, going from stiff and rough to velvety and supple the very next day.

Maybe this product really is the best aloe vera gel available.

I can honestly say I was very pleasantly surprised by the results and I thanked my friend for recommending such a stellar product to me. It was astounding how so many things did not work for me, but taking a natural approach and using a simple succulent plant solved everything for me in just one day.

Whenever a friend or family member complains of dry skin today, I simply link them to the page and product that ended my problems completely.

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